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Give Your Best Friend The Relief They Deserve. 

It's no secret, pets are terrible at telling us what's wrong. The good news is, as the human, we have the ability to help them. That's why GoGreen Hemp, safe, cutting edge, vet-formulated calming products come into play, to help you and your pets live a happier, more zen life. 

We invite you to see the GoGreen Hemp difference for yourself (and for your four-legged best friend) 

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Inside Every Anxious Pet Is A Calm One Waiting To Come Out. 

Multiple veterinary studies have explored a network of chemical receptors and enzymes in dogs and other mammals which play a vital role in regulating mood, pain, and overall wellness. 

GoGreen Hemp oil helps these receptors do what's needed in order to stimulate all kinds of beneficial changes throughout their endocannabinoid system. And you can rest easy too, know that all of our products are veterinary-formulated, third-party lab-tested, and use only organically grown hemp.


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It's a simple motto that is the backbone pillar of GoGreen Hemp. We believe that all pets deserve to live their happiest, best lives. That's why we go above and beyond to provide pets and consumers with safe, effective, and clean hemp products. We work tirelessly to ensure that your pet is getting only the best, veterinary formulated, cutting edge products to help you and your pet stress less. Our products have been carefully crafted to ensure results each and every time. 

THC Free

All of our products are completely THC-Free and we use a proprietary extraction process to ensure you get all of the benefits associated with the plant with no traces of THC. 


We use the purest ingredients in each and every one of our products. All of our products are produced in a facility following GMP protocols, using only organically grown hemp 



All of our pet products are veterinarian formulated and approved for consumption by your four-legged friend. This ensures that your pet is safe taking our products.


They say with age comes wisdom. Since 2016, GoGreen Hemp has been providing hemp products to the industry, making us one of the oldest hemp companies in the industry. 


Laboratory Tested 

All of our products are third-party laboratory testing to ensure potency, purity, and consistency. This ensures "What is on the label, is what is in the bottle"

Identify the issue

Behavior changes are very common in pets. If your dog is acting out, being tense, clingy or distance, these can all be signs of imbalances caused by anxiety and fear.

How it works.

Let science work

Hemp plants have extraordinary potential in our society and can help stimulate receptors in the brain, which in turn stabilizes and improves your dog's demanour and mood. 

See the progress

These easily consumable, healthy and natural ingredients help bring their endocannabinoid system back to homeostasis and help them live a happier life with less anxiety and fear. 

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Customer Testimonials

Simply The Best!

My 8-year-old girl suffers from degenerative bone loss & arthritis. She gained weight from not being able to move & run like she used to. I started her on Go Green Hemp about 2 months ago. She is back to her silly loving self and has even lost weight. I noticed a difference in her mobility after a couple of days. She's a 50lb pit mix.

Kristina P.


GoGreen Hemp Dog Chews 

Beef Flavored

Price: 34.99 

Product Attributes: 

- 2mg Per Chew

- 40 Chews Per Container

- Beef Flavored  

- Veterinarian Formulated


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GoGreen Hemp Bacon Dog Tincture Drops 

Price: 44.99 

Product Attributes: 

- 500mg Per Bottle

- 1oz Bottle

- Bacon Flavored 

- Natural Ingredients 

- Veterinarian Formulated 

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