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Premium Hemp 

from America's Most Trusted Family Owner Hemp Company

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Why Are People Talking About

GoGreen Hemp's Premium Hemp Products?

Since 2016, GoGreen Hemp has made it a mission to provide people with safe, effective, and economically priced hemp products. All GoGreen Hemp products are made with organically grown hemp that has traceability from seed to sale. This helps ensure "what is on the label, is what is on the bottle". Hemp truly has endless medicinal potential and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the incredible benefits daily! 

All Natural Ingredients With Superior External Relief



Third-Party Testing 


Free Shipping To All States


Fully Legal Federally

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What Size Is The Container?

The balm salve comes in 1oz and 4oz containers.

What Does Broad Spectrum Mean?

Broad Spectrum hemp extract contains many of the naturaly occuring terpenes and other nutrients in the hemp plant.

How Often Should I Use The Balm Salve?

You should use the salve as often as needed.

What is the shelf life?

Approx 18 months